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Alien League by Iconian Fonts is a font based on the title logo from the movie Independence Day. It is a free font.

“Independence Day” is a 1996 American science-fiction action film directed by Roland Emmerich and stars Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullman. The film tells the story of an alien invasion that threatens to wipe out humanity. On July 2nd, the aliens begin a coordinated assault on cities around the world, destroying everything in their path. A disparate group of people, including a U.S. President, a scientist, and a Marine pilot, band together to fight back against the extraterrestrial invaders. With stunning special effects and a thrilling plot, “Independence Day” became a major blockbuster hit and remains a beloved classic of the sci-fi genre.


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2 Responses

  1. Bossi says:

    Not an exact match- takes a bit of work if going for precision:
    – Line widths vary (on the movie poster line widths are constant)
    – The N is a normal N (the movie is more like a very tall lower-case n; try the font Bauhaus 93)
    – The lowercase a & i render properly; upper-case render differently.
    – The D and P have continuous curves (the movie has flattened curves)
    – The C has flattened curves on the top & bottom (the movie has continuous curves)
    – In general, the line weights are narrower, and scaling is difficult. Try meshing with the font Impact.
    – Kerning isn’t an exact match, but this is easy to fix.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Warning about this font! I downloaded it and it replaced my Arial font! When you open up the download file, it says Arial.

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