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Independence Day

Alien League by Iconian Fonts

A font based on the title logo from the movie Independence Day


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  1. Avatar Bossi says:

    Not an exact match- takes a bit of work if going for precision:
    – Line widths vary (on the movie poster line widths are constant)
    – The N is a normal N (the movie is more like a very tall lower-case n; try the font Bauhaus 93)
    – The lowercase a & i render properly; upper-case render differently.
    – The D and P have continuous curves (the movie has flattened curves)
    – The C has flattened curves on the top & bottom (the movie has continuous curves)
    – In general, the line weights are narrower, and scaling is difficult. Try meshing with the font Impact.
    – Kerning isn’t an exact match, but this is easy to fix.

  2. Avatar Lindsey says:

    Warning about this font! I downloaded it and it replaced my Arial font! When you open up the download file, it says Arial.

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