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Guns N' Roses

Corvinus Skyline ICG by Image Club Graphics

A font based on the logo from the music group Guns N’ Roses


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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Graham says:

    Awesome! Thanks for this one guys!

  2. Avatar James Dack says:

    where does the font down load to, as in how do i use it once its on my computer as i cant see it on word?

    • The font is in a ZIP file that will download wherever you choose to download it to OR the default download location in your web browser; it can be different on every single computer and browser. Once the ZIP file is downloaded you need to open it and extract the font file. Open the font file and click on “install” or right click on the file and select “install”. You’ll need to restart Word after installing new fonts.

  3. Avatar Hennrys says:

    Gracias por el aporte.. Excelente

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