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Witched by Mischa Hof is a font based on the title logo from the TV show Bewitched. It is a free font.

“Bewitched” is an American television sitcom that aired from 1964 to 1972. Created by Sol Saks, the show follows the story of Samantha Stephens, a witch who marries a mortal man, Darrin Stephens, and tries to live a normal suburban life while keeping her magical abilities a secret.

The series stars Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stephens and Dick York (and later Dick Sargent) as Darrin Stephens. Samantha’s mother, Endora, is played by Agnes Moorehead, and other recurring characters include Samantha’s mischievous Uncle Arthur, played by Paul Lynde, and nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz, played by Alice Pearce (and later Sandra Gould).

Each episode of “Bewitched” typically features Samantha using her magical powers to solve a problem or to help Darrin in his career as an advertising executive, all while trying to keep her abilities hidden from the mortal world. The show’s humor often comes from the clash between Samantha’s supernatural world and Darrin’s conventional beliefs, as well as the various antics of the other magical characters.

“Bewitched” was praised for its charming and lighthearted tone, as well as for its witty writing and strong performances. It became a cultural phenomenon during its run, inspiring several spin-off shows and movies, as well as a reboot in 2005. The show also spawned several pop culture catchphrases, such as Samantha’s signature nose twitch and the phrase “abracadabra.”


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  1. Ken says:

    Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn’t accept this font. It lacks “All Applications Packages”, “All Restricted Applications Packages”, and “Trusted Installer” that the other fonts have.

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