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The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine'

Yellow Submarine by an unknown designer is a font based on the title logo from The Beatles album ‘Yellow Submarine’. It is a free font.

Yellow Submarine” is a 1969 album by The Beatles, serving as the soundtrack to the animated film of the same name. The album was released on January 13, 1969, and features a mix of previously released and new songs.

The album includes four previously released Beatles songs, including “Yellow Submarine,” “All You Need Is Love,” “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” and “Hey Bulldog,” as well as six new songs composed by the band specifically for the film.

The new songs on the album are notable for their whimsical and playful nature, featuring lyrics and melodies that reflect the surreal and fantastical world of the film. Tracks like “All Together Now,” “Only a Northern Song,” and “It’s All Too Much” showcase The Beatles’ continuing experimentation with new sounds and styles, incorporating elements of psychedelia, folk, and electronic music.

While “Yellow Submarine” is often regarded as a lesser entry in The Beatles’ discography compared to their more iconic albums like “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and “Abbey Road,” it remains a beloved and nostalgic album for many fans. Its playful and lighthearted tone, combined with The Beatles’ signature musical creativity, make it a charming and memorable soundtrack to the animated film.


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