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Unown (Pokémon)

Unown by an unknown designer is a font based on the Pokémon letterform character Unown. It is a free font.

Unown is a species of Pokémon in the popular video game franchise. They were first introduced in the second generation of games, Pokemon Gold and Silver, and have since appeared in many other games in the series.

Unown are unique in that they take on the form of different letters of the alphabet and punctuation marks. They have a total of 28 different forms, one for each letter of the English alphabet and an additional three forms for punctuation marks: a question mark, exclamation point, and dash.

In battle, Unown are not particularly strong, but they do have a unique move called Hidden Power that can have different types and power levels depending on the individual Unown’s stats. Unown are also sought after by some players for their rarity and unique appearance.

Overall, Unown are an interesting and mysterious addition to the Pokemon franchise that have captured the attention of many players over the years.


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