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Swiss Cheesed by Matt Chisholm is a font based on the title logo from the TV show Quantum Leap. It is a free font.

“Quantum Leap” is a science fiction television series that originally aired from 1989 to 1993. The show follows the adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett, a scientist who becomes trapped in a time-travel experiment and finds himself leaping into the bodies of different people throughout history in order to change events for the better.

With the help of his friend and observer Al, who appears to him as a hologram, Sam must solve the problems and right the wrongs of each person he inhabits while hoping to eventually leap back to his own time and his own body. Along the way, Sam encounters a variety of historical figures and events, while also grappling with the moral and ethical implications of his time-traveling actions.

The show was praised for its inventive storytelling, strong performances, and unique premise. It was also notable for its use of popular music from the era that each episode took place in, as well as its exploration of social and political issues. “Quantum Leap” has since become a cult classic and continues to be enjoyed by fans of science fiction and time-travel stories.


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