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Impossible by Apostrophic Labs is a font based on the title logo from the movie Mission: Impossible. It is a free font.

“Mission: Impossible” is a long-running American action film series, based on the popular 1960s television series of the same name. The film series stars Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, an agent of the Impossible Missions Force (IMF), a top-secret agency tasked with carrying out dangerous and high-stakes missions.

The first film in the series, “Mission: Impossible,” was released in 1996 and was directed by Brian De Palma. It follows Ethan Hunt as he tries to clear his name after being falsely accused of betraying his team during a mission. The film features iconic set pieces, including the “NOC List” heist and the dangling-in-mid-air break-in at CIA headquarters.

The series has since become known for its high-octane action sequences, thrilling stunts, and intricate espionage plots. Each film features a new director and creative team, giving each installment a distinct visual style and tone. Notable directors who have helmed the series include John Woo, J.J. Abrams, Brad Bird, and Christopher McQuarrie.

Over the years, the “Mission: Impossible” series has become one of the most successful and enduring action franchises in Hollywood history, with each installment grossing hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. The series has also spawned spin-offs, video games, and a television series, “Mission: Impossible – The TV Series,” which aired from 1966 to 1973.


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