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The Beatles 'The Beatles Second Album'

Ad Lib by A. Carr is a font based on the title logo from the Beatles album ‘The Beatles Second Album‘. It is a free font.

The Beatles’ Second Album is the second Capitol Records album by the English rock band the Beatles, and their third album released in the United States including Introducing… The Beatles, which was issued three months earlier by Vee-Jay Records. Following its release in April 1964, The Beatles’ Second Album replaced Meet the Beatles! at number 1 on the Billboard Top LPs chart in the US. The album was compiled mostly from leftover tracks from the UK album With the Beatles and Long Tall Sally EP, which are predominantly rock and roll and R&B covers, and rounded out with several Lennon-McCartney-penned non-album b-sides and the hit single “She Loves You“. Among critics, it is considered the band’s purest rock and roll album and praised for its soulful takes on both contemporary black music hits and original material.


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